CCTV Southampton

CCTV Southampton  

Do you wish to secure your property with the use of CCTV technology? If you have been searching for the premier team to install your CCTV, Southampton clients, you have certainly come to the right place. We at Abacus Aerials offer professional CCTV installation, so call us on 07780 186 085 to find out more.  

Professional CCTV Camera Fitting in Southampton

If you have been looking to secure your property through the use of CCTV operation, you have certainly come to the right place. Here at Abacus Aerials, we are CCTV installers that offer a professional service for both domestic and commercial clients alike.   

CCTV installations are an ideal way to monitor your property both internally and externally, and we offer a professional camera fitting service for CCTV in Southampton. Our team are experts in the field and will have your system installed to the highest of standards.  

Southampton CCTV Services for Domestic Customers 

Having a CCTV system installed in your home can be beneficial for many reasons, not least of which is that it can protect your home from the threat of burglars and general antisocial behaviour. Here at Abacus Aerials, we can install both hidden and normal CCTV, Southampton clients, ensuring your home is fully covered and protected.  

Southampton, CCTV installations are becoming a popular choice for homeowners that wish to increase their security and protect their home. We offer a free quote for this service along with a site survey.   

Commercial CCTV Installation Southampton 

CCTV systems can also help to protect commercial properties such as businesses, and we can install professional CCTV in Southampton. We can install a system that is bespoke to your requirements, and we have worked on both large and small commercial properties over the years, installing CCTV externally and internally for full coverage.   

With our Southampton CCTV systems installed, you can keep an eye on your property even when you aren’t there, as there will be recorded evidence in real time. CCTV can help deter burglaries and general crime in and around your business, increasing the security of your property. Plus, CCTV will deter internal theft or fraud by staff too.  

Burglar Alarm Installation

If you have a burglar alarm installed, you are less likely to become a victim of burglary. There are a variety of home alarm systems to suit all requirements, and we at Abacus Aerials can advise you on the systems available. We will help you choose the best system for your property, from Bell only alarms to monitoring contracts.   

Our expert team can install your new alarm system with minimal disruption, leaving you feeling safe and secure.  

Other Services Available

Here at Abacus Aerials, we can provide a wide range of other services alongside our Southampton CCTV service. These other services include:  

  • Satellite  
  • Home Cinema  
  • TV Aerials  
  • Sky/Sky+  
  • Freeview  
  • And Much More!  


We know that many potential clients will wish to hear from our previous clients regarding their experience working with us, which is why we have a dedicated testimonials page available. On here, you will find many glowing reviews from previous clients, all of whom were left highly satisfied with our work and results. Reading these reviews should convince you that we are the go-to team to install your CCTV, Southampton clients.  

Why Choose Us for CCTV Installation in Southampton?

Here at Abacus Aerials, we have many years of experience in installing professional CCTV systems for our clients across the South. In this time, we have built up a wealth of knowledge that has enabled us to continue to improve and expand upon our services so as to cater to more clients’ needs. Now, if you require CCTV in Southampton, we are the premier team to assist.  

We offer the highest quality CCTV, Southampton clients, and we can have it installed professionally by our expert team. In no time, your property, whether domestic or commercial, will be fully protected by state of the art camera systems.  

Contact Us 

So, if you believe we are the go-to team for your CCTV, Southampton clients, you need only reach out to us today. You can speak to a member of our team directly by calling 07780 186 085. Alternatively, you can reach out via a written method by filling out our online form or sending an email to