CCTV Systems Bournemouth

Are you looking to make your home or business more secure? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Abacus Aerials, we know a thing or two about installing CCTV systems Bournemouth residents and business owners can depend on. For a system that is bespoke and tailored to your needs, call us now on 07780 186 085.

Professionally Installed CCTV Systems in Bournemouth

One sad fact of life is that thieves and vandals will always be present, but the good news is that the majority are opportunists. They will typically select targets that are unprotected as this involves far less risk. By taking simple precautions such as installing CCTV systems, Bournemouth residents can ensure that their properties remain protected at all times.

Bournemouth, CCTV systems such as those supplied and fitted by Abacus Aerials provide complete internal and external coverage. They can operate 24 hours a day and serve as an effective deterrent to would-be criminals. In fact, even ‘dummy’ cameras have proven highly effective as their mere presence is often enough to deter criminals.

Our CCTV Systems Bournemouth Services

Whether you’re looking to deter anti-social behaviour, general crime or protect your property from thieves, Abacus Aerials can help. Our service starts with a FREE quote and site survey to enable us to assess your needs carefully. You will be assured of the best CCTV systems in Bournemouth which comprise state-of-the-art equipment.CCTV Systems Bournemouth

Once the survey is concluded, your quotation will outline all associated costs with no hidden fees to concern yourself with. If you’re happy to proceed, we’ll set about outfitting your property with one of the most effective CCTV systems Bournemouth has to offer. We can supply hidden and conventional systems – perfect for indoor use or if you wish to make it clear that your property is protected.

Bournemouth, CCTV systems supplied by Abacus Aerials can be tailored to provide complete coverage of properties, regardless of their size or layout. We factor in any blind spots and can even put in place redundancies in case the system fails. With a CCTV system in place, you can monitor your property 24 hours a day from any location.

Plus, with all video evidence recorded, you’ll have everything you need in case of criminal prosecution.

Burglar Alarms

With CCTV systems, Bournemouth residents and business owners can be assured that their property is being monitored continuously. To further beef up security, we suggest enlisting our team to install burglar alarms that can be synced directly up to your CCTV network. We supply and fit alarm systems to suit all budgets and requirements from bell-only alarms to monitoring contracts and more.

Should any unusual activity be reported by your cameras, your alarm systems will be immediately triggered. Alternatively, in the rare instance that your cameras are circumnavigated, you’ll have an additional layer of protection in place.

Other Services

In addition to supplying and fitting CCTV systems Bournemouth can depend on, here at Abacus Aerials, we also provide the following services too:

Why Choose Abacus Aerials?

Whether you’re searching for CCTV systems in Bournemouth or high-quality satellite, home entertainment and TV aerial installations, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Abacus Aerials, we have been providing professional and affordable services for many years and are committed to maintaining the highest standards.

Our team consists of industry veterans and some of the most experienced technical specialists around. In fact, we boast some 35 years or so worth of experience across our entire team. This puts us in a unique position to provide sound and honest advice that our customers can trust.

From SKY+ and SKY+ HD installations to home cinema setups and Bournemouth CCTV systems, you won’t be disappointed by what we can do for you. To learn more, make sure you get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to assist you.


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