Home Automation System Poole

Many of us are familiar with the AI known as Jarvis from the Iron Man franchise, but did you know you can have something similar in your own home? Abacus Aerials specialise in the complete installation of a home automation system Poole. Call today on 07780 186 085 for a quote and let us transform your home into a futuristic palace of convenience and comfort.

Poole Home Automation System – The Pinnacle of Home Comfort

Most people assume that a home automation system in Poole is something that will be obtrusive and unattractive. You’ll be pleased to learn that this is far from the truth. In actual fact the designs and interfaces can be seamlessly interwoven with your home’s current aesthetic, adding a technological accent without causing detrimental effects on your home’s appearance.

This is the best way to gain complete control over your home. Our interfaces will be almost invisible until you need them. Our Poole home automation system is deceptively easy to install and doesn’t need a mountain of cable sprawling over your floors and ceilings.

The system is also usable via smartphone as well. The software is compatible with iOS and supports almost every version. Android is also compatible, supporting the latest versions, and better still; Android can enable you to control your home from anywhere. Yes, that’s worldwide coverage. It supports multiple apps to control your home automation system Poole, such as:

  • iRidium Mobile
  • Throne BMS
  • Demopad
  • Many more!

The home automation system from Abacus Aerials is perfect for taking care of your home.

Home automation system Poole

What Does the Abacus Aerials Home Automation System in Poole Offer?

There are many benefits to having the system. The uses are only limited by your imagination, but here are a few examples.


First and foremost, our systems are capable of controlling your lighting. This allows you to control curtains, blinds, shades, lights and other lighting accessories at the touch of a button. These can be controlled by a panel in your home or from any enabled device. If you prefer, the automation can be switched off to allow manual control.

Allowing the automated system to control your lighting is exceptionally efficient. We implement industry-leading low-energy lighting that could reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%. Think of the money you’ll save in the long term.


If you’re the type that likes to rock out during those mundane household tasks, our home automation system Poole can have speakers wired throughout your home. You can change the room you want the music to play in, or if you’re in a particularly energetic mood, you can blast the roof off and have it in every room.

An intelligent tracking system can be programmed to follow the user from room to room and adjust the playback accordingly. If you’re a trickster as well, motion sensors can be linked to the system and music will play if the sensor is tripped. Perfect for home defence or to stop someone raiding the snacks late at night. The music can be stored on any wirelessly accessible hard drive or network drive.


Security is an important element for any home, and our home automation system Poole has you covered. Features include:

  • Ultrasound
  • PIR Detectors
  • Window and Door Sensors
  • Occupant Simulation
  • Security Cameras – able to stream directly to your handheld device

To dissuade would-be home invaders whilst you’re away, these features can be combined with lighting to give the appearance that someone is home, even if they’re not. Security is no problem with our home automation system Poole.

Heating and Cooling

With environmental and climate controls as standard, you’ll never be too hot or too cold with our Poole home automation system. If you ever do become uncomfortable, a simple press of a button and your home will adjust to the specified temperature.

The climate control is adjustable room by room as well, given that many people tend to operate best at different temperatures. It’s especially good for young ones, like if you want to keep your baby’s room cool in the summer, whilst you roast away and enjoy the heat in the living room.

Why Us for a Home Automation System Poole

Abacus Aerials have established a reputation for quality and efficiency, whilst maintaining speed and low prices. Our work is carried out to the highest health and safety standards, and all of our engineers, technicians and electricians have the necessary qualifications to take on any task at hand. Their qualifications are bolstered by years of experience in the industry, and we’re always striving to improve our service.

Our testimonials page is full of happy clients’ comments. One such review is from Mr Jenkins in Poole who said “I would like to commend your service. An engineer came to give a quote and then completed the work within 2 days. I was delighted with the service, his manner, speed and efficiency. Thank you very much, I would recommend your company to anyone.”

Home automation system Poole

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